Seeds in the ground!

Good Day!
Okay, our first seeds/starts are in the ground! So far we have some beans, peas, corn, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, herbs and I’m sure I’m leaving something out..we’re working on getting everything marked so we’ll know what’s where for the time being. We still have plenty of space to plant if we want..If you have something you’d like to plant feel free to dive right in! You’ll need to prepare a planting bed preferably after the fashion of the ones we have started.Please be sure to leave plenty of room between beds to walk. There is no real master plan to follow. Generally I think we want tall crops like corn and pole beans over on the north side so they don’t grow up and shade other crops. Please post what you’ve planted on the blog( Sprinklers are not online yet so you’ll need to bring water down and water what you plant. Not too worried about watering everything so long as the weather stays cool and we get periodic rain. If you’d like to plant something but not sure where or how to plant it, just let me know!I’ll gladly meet you down there. I’m not sure how many more organized work sessions it makes sense to schedule. It’s getting to the point where, aside from getting most of the stuff planted in the next couple of weeks, we will need to focus on weeding, watering, and maintenance. Speaking of stuff planted, I’d sure like to see carrots, tomatoes, and more green beans. Those items have great shelf life and I think would be readily dispatched by the church kitchen and food bank. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a little pumpkin patch? And flowers; lots of flowers!I look forward to your ideas and input! God Bless,
Russ and Martha